An American Jam Band

The members of Grape. face each other, ready to jam. Lights from overhead set the mood as the back wall of percussion instruments twinkle at the onlooking audience. After a quick four count, away went lead guitarist, Corbin Miles, into the twist and turns of an elusive guitar intro on their original tune Honeydance (Chasing a Thrill). Every song thereafter was concise and built on a solid foundation of musicianship. This was their second concert in two years at The WareHouse, a venue tucked away in the quaint city lights of the South Main Arts District in Memphis, Tn. These guys had been on a steady fall run prior to this night and man they did not disappoint with their energy! Each cover they wrapped their hands around was a noble rendition cut out into their own style and space. As the crowd warmed up to them so did their feet. Grape. had the place rocking by mid-set. These guys are the epitome of free-spirited jam music, not to mention this beautiful overlay of Memphis flavor oozing off of them. They transcend genres and expectations. They are honest and down to earth and you can tell the second you meet them or hear their songs.”

Mark Parsell, South Main Sounds, Memphis.Tn, Nov. 2018


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