Born on the streets of midtown Memphis, Tennessee in 2015, Grape., immediately took on the grind-first spirit of the very city they stem from. By aligning their unwavering dedication to the do-it-yourself work ethic paired with a signature sound, vocalist/guitarist Corbin Miles, bassist Frank Rhodes, drummer Chad Huey, and percussionist Bill Harry have carved out their own highly electric “jam band” scene. Grape. released their debut EP album, Witness, in the U.S. and Canada on April 29, 2018 on the band’s own label, 14 Stones Records. All compositions were written and arranged by members of Grape. with songwriting credits to Chad Huey, engineering credits to Frank Rhodes/Glen Huey, mastering credits to Kevin Nix of L. Nix Mastering. Other signature passengers with the band include: Jawaun Crawford/trumpet, Victor Sawyer/ trombone, Johnny Ciaramitaro/mandolin. 
Grape. is operating under the brand of American Jam band music that they call “soul- influenced psychedelic southern roots rock.” The EP highlights soaring guitar work, driving rhythms, a gritty-heartfelt songwriting style all amidst a group of masterful musicians who, together, blend and work with each other beautifully. The live show experience will leave the listener soulfully satisfied while touching a range of emotions with each musical moment. Each original and cover song is done tastefully and in their own way. Lead man, Corbin Miles, was quoted as saying “ we hang our hat on creativity, improv, and trusting each other. Each member brings their own flavor to each song.” Coming off consecutive years at regional festivals including Streetdog Foundation’s Howl at the Moon and the Midsouth’s Southern Hotwing Festival, as well as residency on the World famous Beale Street and Midtown Memphis’ Overton Square, Grape. is continuing to grow in the Midsouth music circuit with plans to finish their Sophomore album by Fall of 2019.